Decking is a perfect way to transform an outdoor area into an attractive space for relaxing or entertaining. Almost any area can be decked, whether it be single or multiple levels and steps are easily made safe using handrails and balustrades.

Decking is adaptable and can be added to at any time so you can start small and then expand as required.

Sutton Floors have experience with both solid wood and composite decking that enable us to produce the highest quality decking solutions at affordable prices.

Composite decking is eco-friendly, practical and virtually maintenance free, providing you with years of pleasure. Timber decking can look beautiful if installed correctly - we have many years experience and use only the best quality timber decking.

As with all our flooring solutions – inside or outdoors – Sutton Floors will take the time to understand your requirements before suggesting which decking solution meets your needs. The type and quality of the materials used to build the deck will determine the cost of the build. Contact us for more details.